A Million Women Strong

Millions of women across the country and across the world marched in solidarity Saturday January 21st, and it is being hailed as the largest single protest march ever held. It was also entirely peaceful, with no arrests, no looting, no violence. Just one very loud and very strong voice putting the powers of the world on notice: we will not be silent, we will not return to the shadows, and forward is the only acceptable direction.

The marchers held a myriad of signs:
“Women’s Rights are Human Rights”
“Black Lives Matter”
“My Body, My Choice”
“Make America Tolerant Again”
“Walls Turned Sideways Are Bridges”
“Stop Racism Now”
“Science Is Real”
Just a small sample, for the diversity of signs was as great as the diversity of marchers. I was not able to attend, but women I know did, and carried my name with them, and the pictures I’ve seen are amazing and inspiring.

On the radio Monday, one of the organizers was asked how they planned to keep the momentum going when everyone who marched seemed to do so for different reasons. By looking at the signs individually, the commentator missed the common thread flowing through all of them. The signs did not show people marching for different causes, but were signs for all the varying focuses of the same cause: the end of injustice and inequality in all its forms. Our cause is not divided, it is inclusive and cooperative. We are each others strength, we support each others focus, and together we are mighty.

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