Entry #1

Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read my blog.

If you’re thinking “Ordinary Feminist” is an odd term, you’re probably right. I found a lot of versions of feminism on line: liberal feminism, radical feminism, Third Wave, socialist, eco, the derogatory feminazi – the list goes on and “Ordinary” is definitely not included. But that’s how I view myself – an ordinary woman who believes in the equal treatment of people regardless of gender, thus I am an Ordinary Feminist.

I believe in what I think is the original interpretation of feminism: men and women should be treated as equals, period. No more, no less. I don’t think either gender is meant to be subservient or superior to the other. I believe two people with the same skills, experience and background should be offered the same salary for the same job regardless of their gender, and that both men and women have the ability to be nurturing, stay-at-home parents. Women and men alike should be allowed to choose their path in life, to work inside or outside the home as fits their circumstances, beliefs and interests, without worrying about being frowned upon by those who make different choices.

I try not to assign or assume nefarious motives are attached to simple actions. I’ve met women who bristle at a “gentleman” opening a door for a “lady” and find it bewildering. When someone opens a door for me, I think it’s polite regardless of the gender of the opener, and I reciprocate if there’s a second door, or I simply say “thank you” and think “what a nice person that was.” I don’t think just because the person opening is male, he is doing it out of some sense that I am unable to, or should not, do it myself because I’m female. To me, acting like a gentleman or lady has only the connotations of acting like a courteous person who is respectful of others.

I am dismayed and disturbed by the way the term feminist has been hijacked and abused to the point where younger women and men are hesitant to use it, even if they believe in its principles. My adult daughter calls herself an “equalist” and I like that, too. Perhaps her generation will embrace this term and feminist will no longer be needed.
So, what’s this blog about? Politics, philosophy, life, whatever I feel like posting. Essays from my perspective as an ordinary feminist. The posts will happen when I have something to say but I don’t intend to keep a set schedule. (I have a toddler, time is something there is never enough of.) If you would like to make comments, feel free, I like discussion, but keep it polite. That’s the gist of the policy you’ll be asked to agree to if you want to make comments. I have zero tolerance for personal attacks and profanity laced diatribes.

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